Photo Editing with Adobe Lightroom Tutorial

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Photo Editing Workflow with Adobe Lightroom is a tutorial that teaches how to tone and color images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. In this tutorial we show you how we processed the cover image step-by-step, and each step is explained in detail. This is not another Lightroom manual. This is an actionable workflow you can use to improve the color and tone of your images!

Before and After Image

The tutorial covers the following topics:


Learn how to get the most range from your RAW image files without losing important shadow and highlight details, and how to add creative 3-dimensional lighting to improve the overall impact of the image.


Learn how to improve the overall color tone of an image, and how to use coloring adjustments to influence the images overall mood.


Learn simple tips for sharpening images and preparing images for display on the web.


Intermediate – This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom.

The tutorial includes:

  • 31 page PDF tutorial
  • 20 minute HD video walk-through (.mp4 format)
  • 23 Lightroom presets
  • 1 page workflow quick reference
  • DNG RAW file of the tutorial image to follow along!

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