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QUICK REVIEW: Neewer 21″ Flapjack Light

Neewer LED Bi-Color Studio Round Lighting, Ultra Thin Studio Edge Flapjack Light, 21-Inch

I have been looking for a new video light and I recently purchased the Neewer 21″ Flapjack Light. Here are my first impressions.

First off, What is a Flapjack light?

A flapjack LED light is different than your typically LED light because the LEDs line the rim of the round frame and shine inwards. This defuses the light and provides a much softer light quality.

The Neewer 21″ Flapjack Light

My main video light is a Godox sl-60w with the Glow 20″ Parabolic softbox which is a fantastic light however it has some drawbacks. The main issue I have is it’s hard to use indoors in small rooms with the softbox installed. I found myself constantly bumping into the softbox which became very annoying. Also, even though it’s an LED light the Godox has a fan which while quitter that on previous models, still presents some small noise.

I went searching for a new solution and found the Neewer 21″ Flapjack LED light. This light is exactly what I was looking for. I ended up buying 2. One as a key light and one to use for fill. These are currently selling for $165.99 USD on Amazon. According to camelcamelcamel these have sold for as low as $130 which I think is a steal.


  • Has a dimmable range of 1%-100%
  • Much larger, softer light source than typical LED panel lights
  • Adjustable White balance (3200k to 5600k)
  • Wireless remote can control up to 3 lights with a single remote
  • AC or Battery power (Battery not included)
  • Great build quality. Frame is made of metal
  • Not as expensive as the alternatives.
  • Silent operation
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with excellent softcase


  • Even at 1% the light is quite bright.
  • Not actually 21″, The frame measures 18″ across.
  • No bowen mount for modifiers
  • Power cable could be longer


I am very impressed by these lights. If you are a YouTuber, or taking indoor product photos you should check these out. The only downside is I wish I had found them sooner!

Buy at (Affiliate Link)

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