Prime Lens Primer

If you are new to SLR photography you may be wondering what  prime lenses are. You may also wonder, why would I choose one over the typical zoom lens? 136

Two-Dollar DIY Sling Strap

Sling style camera straps are a good alternative for people who don’t like a camera strap hanging around their neck (they can also help you look slightly less touristy). In this tutorial learn how to make your own on the cheap. 45

Light meters are dead, Long live the light meter!

In the age of digital - light meters have, for the most part, lost popularity with photographers. With digital cameras it is easy enough to just take a photo, review the image immediately, and adjust your exposure as necessary. However, If you want to take the guess work out of getting

Tutorial: Using the Gossen Luna-Pro Analog Light Meter

Note: If you don’t know why you need a light meter check out Light meters are dead, long live the light meter! The Gossen Luna-Pro is the best light meter I’ve found used for less than $100. Is is an older model analog light meter and as a result takes a little more